Welcome to GeoLine Surveying, Inc., your premier provider of comprehensive telecommunications site survey solutions. With a proven track record of excellence and a commitment to innovation, we have completed in excess of 20,000 communication and cellular phone tower surveys across all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Our Telecommunications Site Surveys are designed to meet the unique needs of the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, delivering precise and reliable data to support the development, maintenance, and expansion of communication infrastructure.

FAA 1A & 2C Surveys: Our FAA-compliant surveys ensure regulatory compliance and safety for communication and cellular towers, facilitating seamless integration into the national airspace system. With extensive experience in FAA standards and procedures, we provide comprehensive assessments that meet the highest industry standards.

Rooftop Surveys: Rooftop surveys are essential for assessing the suitability of buildings for hosting communication equipment, ensuring structural integrity and compliance with local regulations. Our team utilizes advanced surveying techniques to capture detailed information about rooftop conditions, facilitating efficient and cost-effective deployment of communication infrastructure.

As-Built Tower Surveys: As-Built Tower surveys provide accurate documentation of existing tower structures and equipment, essential for maintenance, upgrade, and expansion projects. With our precise measurements and comprehensive documentation, clients can make informed decisions and optimize the performance of their communication networks.

Construction Staking: Construction staking services play a crucial role in ensuring the accurate placement of communication infrastructure during the construction phase. Our experienced surveyors provide precise staking solutions that minimize errors and ensure the successful implementation of project plans.

Raw Land Surveys: Raw land surveys are essential for evaluating potential sites for communication tower installations, providing clients with valuable information about terrain features, accessibility, and suitability for development. Our surveys enable clients to make informed decisions and optimize the selection of sites for communication infrastructure projects.

Design Surveys: Design surveys support the planning and design of communication infrastructure projects, providing clients with accurate data for engineering and site layout purposes. Our team utilizes advanced surveying technology to capture detailed information about site conditions, ensuring the successful execution of project plans.

Utility Locates: Utility locates are essential for identifying underground utilities and infrastructure that may impact the placement of communication towers and equipment. Our surveys provide clients with valuable information about potential conflicts and hazards, enabling them to mitigate risks and ensure project success.

Boundary and Topographic Surveys: Boundary and topographic surveys provide clients with accurate information about property boundaries and terrain features, essential for site planning and development. Our surveys enable clients to make informed decisions and optimize the design and placement of communication infrastructure.

Elevation Certificates: Elevation certificates provide valuable information about the elevation of land and structures, essential for flood risk assessment and insurance purposes. Our surveys ensure accurate elevation data that meets regulatory requirements and supports informed decision-making.

Co-Location Tower Surveys: Co-location tower surveys facilitate the sharing of communication tower infrastructure among multiple operators, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Our surveys provide clients with accurate documentation and assessments that support the seamless integration of co-location arrangements.

At GeoLine Surveying, Inc., we are dedicated to delivering superior telecommunications site survey solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and innovation, we are your trusted partner for all your communication infrastructure projects. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your projects with our expertise and dedication to excellence.

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